Business Partnership

Farms and Pools

Farms incentive users to provide liquidity for your trading pair by distributing HONOR to your pair's LP Token holders. Pools are a way of distributing your tokens to users who stake HONOR in the pool.
These two products on FarmHero: when a project provides their tokens for a Pool, we can also create a Farm. If you're looking to distribute tokens and incentive liquidity, get in touch.
Apply to run a Pool or Farm.

Roll Game

The roll game helps our partner to create a peaceful yet competitive topic in their community as well as helping to burn the tokens. During each round, the top 5 rollers will share the prize. The game is unlike normal dice, that it actually compare the rolled points between players.

Pot Prize

FarmHero sponsors an hourly roll game from the performance fee generated by the farms.
Currently, there are around $20 sent as prize for each game. That adds up to $14,400 per month, and $172,800 per year. That prize amount goes up along with our farm TVL.

Customisation for our Partner

Currently we set one roll for 5 cent worth of supported tokens, but that can be also customised.
We also set up customised link and design for each of our supported tokens.

PolyDoge Case

Result: Burnt 200 billion PolyDoge token within 7 days since launch.
Apply to integrate your projects' token to our Roll Game.

IHOs (Token Sales)

"IHO" (Initial HERO Offering) is a new model of token sale. Here's how it works, in short:
  • Users buy your token with HONOR-USDC LP tokens
  • After the sale, we distribute the USDC to you and burn the HONOR.