Genesis NFT

Genesis NFTs have a unique property: it will earn a fixed portion of the $Hero total supply per block. This property is exclusive for genesis NFTs.

Users can buy genesis NFT using . Currently we offer three genesis NFT.

The NFT has to be deposited to NFT farm to earn $HONOR . Users can withdraw anytime from NFT farm.

Genesis NFT Name


Acquire Method

Unique Property

Doggy the World Conqueror


Genesis Sale

Genesis Hash Rate: 1680

Gundam Doggy


Genesis Sale

Genesis Hash Rate: 660

Kitty Loving Sushi


Genesis Sale

Genesis Hash Rate: 168

Kitty and the Dragon


Event with Quickswap

Genesis Hash Rate: 10

NFTs who have a Genesis Hash Rate can farm in our Genesis NFT Farms. The max emission of HONOR of the Genesis Farm is 5%.

If you stake your NFTs (which has a genesis hash rate) to farm, you will earn

Hero Earned = Sum (My NFTs' Genesis Hash Rate)/ Total Hash Rate of NFTs in Farm

The emission of HONOR towards genesis NFT farms are based on total hash rate of the NFTs staking in the farm.

Total Hash Rate in Farm


<1 million


1 million - 2 million


2 million - 3 million


3 million - 4 million


4 million - 5 million


5 million - 6 million


>6 million


Genesis Hash Rate is a unique value, NFTs with such value will be able to farm in Genesis NFT farm. The NFTs who can own this value are limited to genesis series and some special editions of community NFTs.

Unsold, un-deposited genesis NFT will not share from the $HONOR production and the rest of the unclaimed $HONOR will stay in the contract for future burn.

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