$HONOR token is the governance token of the FarmHero protocol.

$HONOR token mints at a speed of 33.333 per second. The initial daily production rate is 2,880,000 $HONOR per day.

The production speed will decrease by 30% in 7 days, after that, decrease 10% every 7 days, for 20 times. After that, $HONOR token will keep the speed. The first year will produce 203219082.8 $HONOR token, after that, each year will produce 99128741.09 $HONOR token.

Deflationary Design via in-house Games

Both the auction game and the fomo game are designed to burn $HERO token continuously. It will ensure that $HONOR price is supported and avoid the sell-off of normal yield farming protocols.

Right now, as we are at genesis yield farming, most of the tokens produced each day (60% around) are locked. Please check our website for the current circulating amount of HONOR token. With the deflationary design the team expect the token supply would be stabled at 300 million - 400 million.

As we have extra 3% emission due to referral, the actual percentage reflected on Polygonscan will has to be adjusted smaller by 3%.

Project Accounts

Reserved for NFT Farming: (Top 1 Holder on PolygonScan)


Ecosytem: (Top 2 Holder on PolygonScan)


Max Supply

There is a max supply of 500 million HONOR tokens. When it reaches 500 million, HONOR won't mint. Tho this might change according to DAO vote by $HONOR token holders.

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