An algorithmic stablecoin, variant from Amplforth

Initial Supply

Initial supply of ZENY is 1,000,000,000,000,000. The initial supply is timelocked in treasury contract.

There will be no extra mint for ZENY. The initial supply is huge because the total supply will decrease when it deflates. The amount of initial supply does not affect circulating supply nor token price.

This is what Amplforth has done, it has proven to be successful.

Initial Circulating Supply

The initial circulating of ZENY is 1000, the 1000 ZENY + 1000 USDC LP is added to initial liquidity pool.This ZENY-USDC-LP will be transferred to the dead address.

Another 1000 ZENY will be used to launch the 36-hour ZENY Pool for HONOR holders.

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