Setting up a Referral

The FarmHero referral system is called the "PlayerBook. To join, click the "Get A Name" link at the top and then pick a nickname for yourself. Joining the board costs 10 MATIC which is contributed to the "community fund" and distributed to developers and community staff. Note that you must register a nickname name to receive referral rewards in your vault.
The referral relationship will establish once: 1. your referral joins any one of the farms, 2. your referral burns any key.
You will earn: 1. 3% extra $HONOR whenever your referral claims any freshly minted $HONOR. These extra $HONOR are considered fresh minted $Hero as well. 2. 5% of all the $KEY put into the Fomo Game by anyone that joins through your link.
The extra referral fees are all at NO cost to those who uses your link.
Referral links used by players are stored within the smart contract itself meaning that you will receive the referral fee for buys from all players you referred even across browsers or different computers ensuring that those marketing the game can receive substantial residual income over time from players.

Replacing a Referral

The referral relationship can't be changed once established.