Yield Farming (Vaults)
Freshly minted HONOR is considered vested until the 90 day vesting duration expires or it is withdrawn from the fee distribution contract.
Users can deposit designated tokens to earn $HONOR . Compared to other farms(such as YFI), the HONOR farm will NOT lock the funds in vain. To make use of the locked funds so that the HONOR protocol is a healthy, continuous one, the $HONOR pool will be built upon farms that are audited and secure.
The actual pool constitutions and multiples are subject to change. Please stay updated with latest news in our group and the doc here.
There is an extra single token staking pool for $HONOR where you can earn $USDC + $HONOR. The rewards come from Vault Farming.

Deposit and Withdrawal

Users can freely deposit and withdraw tokens from pools anytime. But for certain pools within a limited time upon launch, there will be deposit fee. The deposit fee is listed on pool.
There is a general early exit fee for the pools, depending on the deposit time.
Deposit Time
Early Exit Fee
7 days or less
8 - 14 days
15 - 30 days
31 - 90 days
91 - 180 days
More than 181 days

Vault Profits Usage

While users earn $HONOR tokens in HONOR pools, the funds will be put into Quickswap main staking contracts. The profits generated will be $cake. Some $Quick coins will be sold into $USDc and used to fund the HONOR staking pools, most of the $Quick will be send to game pots.
The FOMO Game
The Auction Game
The Roll Game
Swap to USDc as Performance Fee and send to Staking Pool Contract
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Vault Profits Usage